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About Transmundane Press, LLC

Who are we?
Anthony and Alisha are the two editors behind Transmundane Press, LLC, and we've been curating anthologies, mentoring authors, and editing books for the last five years.

Our company goal is to produce quality fiction through mentoring and a rigorous editing process that promises clean language, developed plots and characters, and thought-provoking themes. We are a genre-based, independent press that aims to build relationships between authors and readers.

Before Transmundane, Anthony ran an underground zine, edited for college publications, and curated two anthologies. He's a master of nuance, rhyme, and cutting to the core of imagery.
Get a taste of his writing style here.

Alisha teaches and tutored college English, and worked with now, out-of-business publisher as a line editor for three years. She's a master of alliteration, dialogue/voice, and the detail drop.
Get a taste of her writing style here.

What is all this?
Our team is not simply dedicated to publishing great work, supporting indie authors and artists. We also love to mentor the members of our community, and we want to offer more advice and assistance for the entire creation process.

What are you paying for?
An on-going writing course that offers personalized responses and attention. Your donations allow us to carve out time to dedicate to you and your writing needs. With our lives growing ever-busier, we want to help authors in ways that are mutually beneficial, so let us help you tap into your voice, hone your style, clean up any typos, and target editors, publishers, and readers.

What can you get?
Monthly-themed lessons:
These will include topics, like POV, character development, plot, and dialogue, etc.

Weekly prompts:
Stuck for ideas? Check in for our brief weekly prompts, post your response, and get feedback from the editors and others.

Writing advice:
Got something you’re working on? Share during our brainstorming sessions to get reactions and advice from editors, or sign-up for in-depth editing.

Indie publishing and marketing advice:
Learn about how to find and work with cover artists and freelance editors, top formatting tips, blurb and query creation, how to develop a marketing plan, and other out-of-the-box ideas on marketing.

*Note that when the Crescent Cat begins, patrons will have to pledge three-months consecutively to be included in the bi-annually produced marketing materials as this will cover the cost of formatting, printing, and shipping physical copies (digital ones will be included as well).

Need a deadline? Need someone else to keep you accountable for your word count and content creation? We can offer that, providing challenges, and the means to light a fire under your ass to keep you writing.

One-on-one mentoring:
Need more in-depth assistance? Get monthly meetings, light editing, and help preparing your work for submission or self-publishing. Limited spots available for the ultimate hands-on expert help.

What is the à la carte menu?
These are the option available to top-teir subscribers or services you can request for a separate fee.


Meetings & Goal Setting (10 per 15 minutes)
Private Brainstorming Session (20 per 30 minutes)
Read-As-You-Go (10 per 5 pages)
Light Edits (Limit 25 pages a month, 100)
Heavy Edits (Limit 15 pages a month, 100)
Tailored Exercises (1 for 15, 2 for 25)


Formatting for publication (15 per hour)
Blurb Creation Help (15)
Query Letter Proofread (10)
Personal Marketing Plan (50)
Story Trailer Creation (100)
Website Creation (100)
Submission Prep (50)
Freelance Hire & Manage (25)
Ad Copy & Design (25)

These price breakdowns are estimated by the number of hours needed to complete each task in addition to the other rewards patrons receive. If you would like to work with us privately, feel free to contact us!

What type of feedback can you expect from us?
Every week, I will post a writing prompt. This may be in a series given a specific theme or it may be to help you develop a story/character/plot. I do not own copyright to these prompts, and that is not what your payment is for.

What you’re paying for is our feedback. Each prompt invites you to post what you create from it in the comments; there, we will provide advice based on what we see to help you improve.

We also want to provide you with accountability. Do you need a deadline and someone waiting on you to get your story? We want to offer you that in varying degrees: to write every week, to keep your story on track, to keep your edits on track, to finish your story/novel. This is why we offer brainstorming sessions, lessons, one-on-one editorial feedback, and full-on mentoring.

So, what types of feedback will you receive? On the small end, we will comment on at least one thing to improve on with each post—given you’re not perfect, that is. Somewhere in the middle, we offer light editing and general feedback on your WIPs, where we can offer advice on plot, character, dialogue, word choice, formatting, and grammar. We’ll also point out any pesky clichés, too. At the high end, we offer full-editing and mentorship, help setting up marketing campaigns, contacting freelancers, formatting your WIP for an agent or self-publishing, as well as the standard editing practices that come with this.

Overall, what we are offering is help. We want you to write, and we want to help you improve, no matter what your level.

What if shit happens?
When life shovels shit into the fan, we’ll be sure to pull you out of the way and keep you up-to-date on any changes to schedules or commitments.

If you made it this far, thank you! We hope you consider supporting us and your own writing dreams.

Anthony & Alisha
$4 of $1,000 per month
When we reach $1,000 a month, we will start a special interview series podcast/blog companion for one patron a month (subject to change as pledges increase).
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