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Okay, so here's the deal.

I LOOOOOOVVVVEEEE stories, and specifically, helping people tell their stories. The world is filled with exceptionally interesting people who have stories that are even more fascinating. And I'm just doing my part to get more of these stories out into the that people like you can hear them.

And I want to continue to share amazing stories with you.

"Why do I LOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEE stories so much," you say?

Storytelling has been around since...well, the beginning of time.

Stories are incredibly powerful. 

Stories have built empires, fallen kingdoms, and led revolutions. Stories can enrapture us, bring us to our knees, or make us beam with pride. Because, ultimately, stories stir something within us. And when we recognize something in a story that speaks to us, stories can provide us with a sense of community.

What does my podcast have to do with storytelling?

This weekly podcast series is filled with stories of the life less ordinary, lived and explored off the beaten track.

So, if you are an adventurer, social entrepreneur, digital nomad or even simply someone aspiring to break out of your comfort zone, it is my sincere hope that you will find inspiration and community in this podcast series.

Every week, you have the chance to be inspired by a fascinating new guest.

Past guests have included:
social entrepreneur Tyson Adams, a Seattle-ite who built Jhai Coffee House, the world's first philanthropic coffee house on the coffee slopes of rural Laos; Guidebook Author Kash Bhattacharya, who set out to show the world how to have richer experiences on a budget by writing a guidebook to "luxury budget travel" in Europe  (there's a fun oxymoron if there's ever heard one); Ashley Bartner, a young New Yorker who left her secure career behind to run an Inn and Cooking School in Italy. And the stories from upcoming guest are just as intriguing.

What is PATREON?

Patreon is a bit like kickstarter, but on a monthly basis instead of a one-off. So, it's a way to provide support for an ongoing project. And like Kickstarter, it's loaded with backer perks.

**What specifically will your support help me do?**

People who find my work are usually drawn in by the stories. I'm aiming to strengthen my ability to keep providing you with more of the stories you've grown to know and love.

The realm of storytelling is truly unlimited, and I want to expand my small team to bring you more of the stories you've always wanted to hear and that keep you inspired. So, your dollars are truly helping build a strong community that supports itself and maintains a pure focus on the stories, without outside advertising and sponsorship.

By supporting the podcast with as little as $1 per month, you  are helping me continue to provide you with quality weekly inspiration, by way of featuring a diverse cross-section of extraordinary guests in episodes that are absolutely free of any advertising. You'll also allow me to up my game, with better sound equipment to deliver even better stories.

** You'll be supporting people within the community as well **

All patrons will be regularly introduced to the work of inspiring people within the community, and I'll be sending exclusive THANK YOU PERKS courtesy of these extraordinary entrepreneurs, artists and creatives in the community! 

And, anyone who supports the podcast with more than $5 per month will have back stage access to additional conversations and interviews as well as occasional Google Hangouts with me where you'll have a direct hand in envisioning and shaping future episodes.
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Once the patronage total hits $50, the basic maintenance expenses will be covered and no longer coming out my pocket.
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