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howdy, im trapdoorbeaver, i review games, make let's plays and livestream my very medicore gameplay skills!

and this is a place for you guys to throw support my way if your that way inclined! #beaverphile


why throw your hard earned money on the dumpster fire that is me you ask? well its simple, i provide content, i do my best to make it as entertaining as possible given the constraints of who i intrinsically am as a person. some times that is a 30min video satirizing loot boxes with the only joke/criticism being that they are over hyped(its not a very good joke),

and some times its a well thought out review/think piece about game and its mechanics(what kind of wanker legit uses think piece amirite!) or just a garbage let's play of some borderline trash indie game.

People are fundamentally different in the things they like and enjoy.if you don't enjoy my content, well thats fine, you can't make everyone happy, and my content is just not for you, if you enjoyed it or perhaps only a part of my content then that's great im glad you were mildy entertained for a moment :D feel free to smash that patreon donate button to your hearts content.

SO TBEAV WHAT DO I ACTULLY GET?(yes he/i/me refereed to me/myself/I in the third person with a self made up nickname that no one uses...#jokeistoolong)

>becoming a patreon means
you get an easier way to interact with me, and access to a patreon feed that will most definitely be filled up with memes and shitposting #value or garbage polls on what to stream, options to play games together all that kind of interactive garbage :D

plus whatever sweet look the tier brings(special merch, game review requests e.t.c)

so thanks for coming by, if you have an urge to throw me a tip smash dat button, pick a number your happy with and I look forward to continuing to entertain you, otherwise fuck off, post is over :P

>*screeeeching intensifies*
0% complete
i will punch the moon #knowyourplacemoon
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