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is creating League Of Legends Montages, Cinematics & Weird Shit
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Hell yeah, as a reward I can continue to deliver awesome videos! (I know that's rather boring lol)
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Thank you very much if you do this <3

You can add me on LoL/Steam and play games with me if you want and if time allows me to do so :)
Also, I will mention your name in the description of new uploads!

Garbage In A Bag
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Holy shit, you are almost a full Trash Bin!
If you really do this, you can add me on my personal Skype/Discord and ask me questions regarding making videos, editing and so forth.

Might be just some tricks or helping with some troubles. Whatever it is, I will try to help! :)




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About Trash Bash

Hey there : )
Glad you found your way here. I am a League Of Legends YouTube Content Creator!
Let me cut the crap and tell you straightahead what I do:
  • Montages (a lot of off-meta stuff)
  • Cinematics (as good as I can with what I am given)
  • Weird Shit (literally, some of my videos are just weird 'cuz I have a funky humour)
While I do focus a lot on making gameplay related videos like Montages, I do occasionally create other interesting videos.

For example, right now I am creating a cinematic experience in form of a Series (like a TV-Show), that tells the unfortunate story of some of the characters from the League Of Legends Universe.

I do this as a hobby, but working full-time won't leave much space and time to pursue this hobby and my goals. Therefore I would be insanely grateful, if you would support me on this journey, however small that participation may be!

~Trash Bash (odd name, I know)
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Yeah, first donation! TIME TO PARTEEEY!
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