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Eternal gratitude, and the videos keep coming.
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We'll write your name into one of our videos OR talk about you on the podcast. If you're lucky we'll make up some cool shit about you. Thank you for helping us get started!
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You get the soundtrack from our first film! This doesn't seem like much, but we're moving towards having much better prizes later on. However, the music is amazing, and was recorded at 3 Cord Studios by the amazing Ken Dickerman.




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We all started off as actors, all of whom attended AMDA in Los Angeles from 2012-2013. During our time here, we decided to start shooting our own content and form an impromptu production label while our first project, Trapped, was in production. 
After that, we became serious about our goals and ideas as professional digital media creators, and our YouTube channel began. Since we all fit the label of "starving artist," our productions have been slow up until this point. However, with several new ideas and a renewed sense of purpose, we're moving forward with a ton of projects in 2014.
The reason we need your help is simple: we have the tools to create our own videos, but need the support and love of a community to help our work reach professional heights. If you don't want to donate, that is absolutely fine. We only ask that you watch, and listen, to our work, and decide for yourself. We want to continue to make free content, because we love doing this.
Thank you.
JAR, Traveling Milk Productions

Note: We are not making money off of copyright songs in our trailers. That music is used strictly artistically and will never garner us profit in any way.
$5 of $5 per Video/podcast
We want to be able to access Adobe Creative Cloud, and by funding this, you'll allow us to focus more on our videos and less on whether or not we can actually edit our videos. 
We're going to give you exclusive credits for helping us with this one.
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