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Traveling The Vortex is a midwest based Doctor Who podcast covering all things Whovian.  What started as a lark for three friends (and fans) has turned into a mammoth undertaking.  We have produced a show about Doctor Who (along with a lot of tangental material) every week for the last five years, and have over 300 episodes to date.  

But our success comes with a price, as our labor of love has outgrown our friendly fan run server.  As our constant listeners may have noticed, our feed has crashed multiple times this month, just from data streaming caps and website traffic.  We must move our expanding library and back catalogue to a new, professional server space.  This will result in fewer interruptions on our website, and more availability of our episodes.

But this comes with a price, and quite simply it's more than three midwestern fan boys can afford.  If you can, we would appreciate your support, (donations are of course, welcome).  Your support will allow us to continue producing Traveling The Vortex, by funding new content, interviews, equipment and most importantly, securing website domain and server space for our growing library of shows to prevent outages.  We also have plans for special rewards for supporters.  We don't fully know what they'll entail yet, but we're working on them.

If you listen to our show you know that the Traveling The Vortex community is not just friends and fans, we consider you all part of our extended family.  As always, we remain grateful for your patronage, and thank you for listening to us!
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