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About Trav

I'm just some dude from the north that likes drawing and customization.

Something I realized one day when putting some of my drawings onto my phone was that I can't think of a whole lot of people that specifically make art for phones. They're such an everyday thing that expresses who we are, I'm surprised that most wallpapers end up being either cropping existing artwork or random shapes created through algorithms. I wanna change that.

I intend to make a plethora of digital art made specifically for displaying on our mobile devices. Hopefully, I can make some sort of job out of this so I can devote more time to it. It's thanks to all my patrons that I can begin to make this a reality!
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With this amount, I can take a day off to devote my time to streaming my process of the monthly wallpaper. It will be hosted on where there will be live commentary about my process each month.
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