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The Little Guys
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All though it is a small amount to give, it is still helpful none the less. With $1, I can go down to my local gas station and pick up one of my favorite drink in the world. An Arizona Tea. Anything that can make my life a little more comforting is what makes me do what I do now. Your support is much appreciated. 
General Fans
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Again, this amount may not be much for some, but it is very helpful! Your support is much appreciated.
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Now, for those who soar with me through the sky, we shall pledge the given amount and have life become more successful then ever! Your support is much appreciated.   PTERODACTYL!




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Greetings everyone and welcome to the Patreon Page! My name is Trevor Jean Volentine and I love making YouTube Videos for the world to see. My Content can be anywhere from vlogs and reviews to gaming videos, specialized edits, superhero videos, sports, animation, rage meters, short films and much more. I do as much as I can do. I hope you will enjoy my content on my channel and make sure you check out my other forms of social media down below. Thank you all for the support. :)

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Snapchat: trevorvolentine
$0 of $100 per month
When I reach $100 per month, I'll start to make daily videos on my YouTube Channel. That may not seem like something special, but my life gets insanely busy at times and it limits me on the videos I do. Futhurmore, If I reach this amount per month, it will ensure an income and responsibility on my part. The videos may include the edits I do, short films, live streams or anything else you guys are wanting from me. Your support is much appreciated.
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