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About Trevor Warren

I am a writer. I live in Phoenix with my dog, Marshall. I am occasionally a student; meaning I have two degrees and I am in the process of earning a third and fourth. I am always creating new projects on which to procrastinate. The largest of these (a Young Adult Literary Fiction novel about a 17-year-old girl who is in desperate search of a reason to live after an accident left her nearly dead) is almost done and will be off to the editor at the end of this summer. And, professionally, I work with animals as I have done for the better half of the quarter century I have spent on this planet.

It's worth a shot, really. I am currently unpublished but would love to finally get my work into the proverbial "out there". That's what Patreon is about. I'm excited to see what it has to offer as I put pen to paper for an audience that I hope will enjoy my work.

On here? Short Stories. Literary Fiction. Anything. Everything.
Everywhere else. Novels. Screenplays. Shopping lists.

(All images and artwork were created by me)
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When I reach 500 patrons, I'll quit one of my day jobs to devote more time to writing. 
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