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Keen Listener
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Aside from well wishes, cosmic hugs and perpetual gratitude this tier will nab you exclusive access to my Patrons Only feed, as well as Patron exclusive e-mails keeping you up to date on current projects and where to find various releases as they roll out.
Pious Listener
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At this tier you'll get all of the above goodness, PLUS you'll receive an occasional, digital CARE PACKAGE including several pieces of free, totally keepable content that could include anything from music to trance inducing stereograms!
Calm Arbiter
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All of the above rewards PLUS PLUS:

CARE PACKAGE EXPANSIONS that include bonus creations, WIP content, coded messeges from Saturn, and an extra heaping spoonful of trans-dimensional whipped topping (which goes great with cocoa!). 




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About Trey Coe


From the mundane to the otherworldly, I'm a creator of things.  Music, poetry, visual and interactive artwork and things difficult to describe.

With your support I can better invest my time discovering strange little stories to share with you--all without the threat of starvation!

With even more support I can invest in collaborators, spaces, and tools to bring you BIGGER, STRANGER stories.

With EVEN MORE SUPPORT I can invest in transcending space and time before I'm due for it and literally alter the space around you to tell the BIGGEST, STRANGEST story of all.

$9 of $100 per creation
The "So this really is a thing?" goal.

At this point I probably owe you all a song and accompanying video that includes all of your names (and not in one of those schlocky rolling credit sequences). 

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