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About Trey Graham

Back in the day, I created a blog called theaterboy, about the shows and shenanigans of DC theater. It did OK, but eventually I had to shelve the project because I went to work at NPR, and who has time to do two jobs? 

Fast-forward 10 years, and I'm working for myself again, and I feel like it's time to revisit the idea of a passion project about some of the things I care most about. Theater, certainly, both in DC and beyond -- but also travel, life in the rich and changing neighborhoods of the nation's capital, maybe even some politics. Whatever keeps me awake, really, when I ought to be getting more sleep.  

This time I'm calling it something else. A name inspired by a line from Hamlet that I've never entirely been able to get out of my head. Fittingly enough, our hero is talking about the importance of not allowing a memory to fade: 

Remember thee!
Ay, thou poor ghost, whiles memory holds a seat
In this distracted globe.

As long as I can remember things given my hectic brain, he's saying, I promise not to forget you. And so I give you This Distracted Globe, a journal of theater, travel, things memorable and ephemeral -- and whatever else decides to take a seat between my ears. 

Join me, won't you?
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I like having an outlet for thoughts longer than tweets. And I've had any number of you tell me you miss theaterboy. So help me out: Pledge what you can, and share with your friends so I can commit to doing this on the regular.

Help me hit this $500-a-month milestone, and I'll organize a downtown-D.C. happy hour to be held 14 days after we get over the threshold -- with a free drink for everyone who pledges more than $25. ;-)  And while you're thinking about how much fun that might be, check out the full list of rewards listed over there on the right.
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