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My name is Trey Rodriguez. I'd like to think of myself as a wordsmith. I try to paint pictures with words and ignite thought. However, a career in writing is far from easy in the initial stage. Although I have been writing for as long as I can remember, I just recently ventured into the world of fictional writing. The purpose of my Patreon is to help fund my work and help me deliver the best content possible to you. It's all about you. Without you, the readers, my work has no purpose.

My goal is to write and release multiple short novels, many of which will have unconventional superhero themes. Similar to DC and Marvel, I am in the middle of creating my own universe for my "hero" work. However, I stress realism quite a bit in my writing, which generally means no magic or other fictional elements. My writing is fictional only in that -- for the most part -- historical facts are altered. However, despite such alterations, I plan to make it thought provoking and informational. History is a matter of perspective. How certain things are taught in America will be vastly different than in the UK, Russia, etc. And so, a different perspective can give us better context for events, which may lead to a better understanding of the truth. The history we see in our textbooks, in a sense, is propaganda. It's almost always intended to make us look like the good guys and thus bias is prevalent. Through our stories, we will dive into the different perspectives, which may change how we view some facts, and we will explore conspiracy theories that will ignite creativity and curiosity. I also wish to explore and give exposure to the many cultures from around the world, all while providing you with an interesting story to follow.


The center of our "hero" universe will initially revolve around Lazarus, the first character we will be introduced to. Lazarus is, essentially, a good guy who does bad things for good (or so he thinks). Corruption is the main issue Lazarus fights. In particular, corruption that oppresses masses and hidden corruption. Lazarus’s main opposition is an organization that dates back further than peak British colonization. Over the decades, the organization has donned many names from the public,  such as the Freemasons, the Illuminati, or -- as they’re officially called -- Nexus. Nexus is a secret network of wealthy and/or powerful men who largely influence acts across the globe. They are the masterminds behind many of the events that are often associated with conspiracy theories. They are capable of hiding in plain sight due to modern day sensationalism, in which both the people and media overreact so hard to such conspiracies that it deems them ridiculous, despite how close to the truth they may be. Their motives are simple: maintaining and increasing their wealth and power, at all costs. Among its most famous members include George Washington, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Benjamin Franklin, among other politicians and entrepreneurs. This group has its roots firmly planted in Europe with the rise of Christianity and Rome, later cemented by the British Empire. Lazarus is a direct descendant of Nexus's opposition. Lazarus is an anti-hero because of his past. With history predetermined by an organization that only operates by using death as a weapon, he fights fire with fire. Lazarus often believes death is the only option, especially because justice systems fail so often. Upon learning of his destiny and Nexus's involvement in his traumatic childhood, he seeks vengeance justice.

My goal is to release a large chunk of content every month, with smaller doses mixed in between. Initially, I'd like to introduce Lazarus's origin story over the course of three months with anywhere from one to three chapters being released each month. I plan on filling in the gaps with Q&A's, community discussions, and releasing notes regarding the characters/universe. Upon the completion of his origin story, I'd like to take the next nine months to properly introduce the rest of our universe and its captivating characters. Thus, a year later, I would like to pivot into a more traditional comic-style release of content. Every month, I would release anywhere from one to three chapters (or issues) of said character, whether of Lazarus or any of our other characters.

  1. Lazarus: Origin (early 2018)
  2. The Legion Rebirth: Europa (mid-2018)
  3. The Legion Rebirth: Turtle Island (late-2018)
  4. Lazarus (4 issues; early 2019)
If you’re ready to start reading, you can begin Lazarus: Origin by clicking here! Enjoy. Feedback is always welcomed!
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