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About treystar679X

Hello ladies and gentlemen!  Name’s Trey!
Now, before you guys browse my page, I need to clear a few things up first?

-What am I making here on Patreon?
Making various comedy web comics based around funny ideas I have.

-Am I a talented artist?
Oh heavens no XD I’ve never been the best at artwork, but I have a creative mind, and I want to share what I have with the world.

-What do I use to create my comics?
The MediBang Paint App on iPhone 5S.  Yeah... But I do plan to get a computer soon, so expect to see an increase in my quality as soon as I get one.

I shall update this description about me from time to time.  Stay tuned!

I’m still setting things up, so I wouldn’t recommend becoming a patron of mine immediately.  Wait until July at least, that’s when I plan to release myself first Web Comic.

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