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Final Work Tier

  •  See the illustrations before they go public. 
  •  See the progress on the Berni Wrightson pieces I am working on replicating. 
  •  See the comic strips (when they come off hiatus) one day before they get posted. 
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Sketch Tier
  • Get everything from above
  • See the sketches and photos from the illustrations 
  • Watch videos of me sketching/drawing/inking, see the sketches of the comics 
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Color Tier
  • Get everything from above,
  • Have access to the entire Schwartz comic strip archive 
  • Watch videos of me coloring both comic strips. 




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About Robert Tritthardt

"Why should I pledge to you?"
The answer to that is simple: Because you enjoy my work and think I should make more.

"What if I don't know you or your work?"
Hi! I'm Robert. I make illustrations and comics using mainly traditional Pen & Ink tools for Role-Playing Games, Card Games, and my own personal enjoyment. Currently, I am working on a massive series of animal skull scientific illustrations.

I also have two defunct webcomics, Writhe and Shine and Overcast With A Chance Of DOOM! Both strips are centered around characters in the dark alternative subculture.

Writhe and Shine
makes fun of the alternative underground scene from the inside and shows us that no matter how much black we wear or how moody we seem, we can still laugh at ourselves. Running off and on since 1998, it has been compared to The Addams Family and Cheers. The series follows a group of friends that work at and run The Bastille, the only Goth club in the historic and iconic city of New Orleans. It shows the difficulties of being a DJ, a doorman, a bartender, and an owner in a scene filled with the peculiar and the particular. Writhe and Shine is fueled with coffee, cloves, scene politics, overbearing ex-girlfriends, and beignets.

Overcast With A Chance Of DOOM!
is about Doomie, a creepy girl followed by the demons of her past and she finds herself living in a haunted house with four other weird roommates in Seattle. When a group of gamers use a Ouija board and accidentally open a trans-dimensional portal, Doomie finds it harder to escape her mysterious past. The ghost that haunts her room may be able to help, but only if she can find a way to communicate with him.

"What do I get for pledging?" *
At $1/month - [Final Work Tier]
See the illustrations before they go public. See the progress on the Berni Wrightson pieces I am working on replicating. These progress shots will not be posted anywhere else. See the comic strips (when they come off hiatus) one day before they get posted.

At $5/month – [Sketch/Video Tier]
Get everything from above, see the sketches and photos from the illustrations, watch videos of me sketching/drawing/inking, see the sketches of the comics.

At $10/month – [Color/Video Tier]
Get everything from above, have access to the entire Schwartz comic strip archive, watch videos of me coloring both comic strips.

At $25/month – [Mailed Sketch Tier]
Get everything above as well as have a new Patreon Exclusive Skull Print Card mailed to you each month. Sign up by Sept. 30 to receive the first one! Pledging in Oct. will start you with #2, pledging in Nov. will start you with #3, etc.

At $50/month – [Package Tier]
Get everything above. On your first month, you will receive a package of several things I have to offer in my web store including a Writhe and Shine book, a bookmark, stickers, and your choice of two high quality prints.

At $100/month – [VIP Tier]
Get everything above. I will personally buy you a drink at the most super-secret-spooky nightspot in the city of Seattle. (How’s that for alliteration?) You must be at least 21 years old with proper ID. You must provide your own transportation and lodging for your trip.

"Why do you need a crowd funding campaign?"
With this campaign I will be able to pay my rent and bills AND get better and better at my craft. I've been drawing comics and illustrations since around 1996 and have taken breaks here and there for various reasons, most of which were "regular job" related. I don't ever want to stop again. I want to have a massive archive for people to read through. I want to have fantastic and up-to-date websites. I want to be prolific enough to post quality work 3 to 5 times every week... just like the big kids! I want to make more books, stickers, t-shirts, and prints. I want to be able to go to more conventions and meet all my readers. I want to make more people happy with my work. And hopefully, every so often, I want to make some lonely, weird person not feel so alone in this world. That, my friends, has been the greatest gift I have ever given and received. I can only achieve these things with your pledge.

"How often will you be posting here on Patreon?"
You can see from the Post Feed that I currently have no solid schedule for posts. I usually post something when I have it ready. Comic strips will be posted every Monday and Wednesday (when they come off of hiatus) and illustrations will be on a random schedule depending on what I'm working on.

* I'm going to be honest with you right here and now. I do have two comic strips, I do post videos and sketches and illustrations, I do post everything I make as often as I make it. It's just that it's not on as regular a schedule as I would like. I want to post more work, I want a regular schedule, but I've proven time and time again that it just doesn't work out. Now here is the hard part... Admitting this in a public format...
I have mental health problems.
I suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Depression.
The combination of these make it extremely difficult to produce quality work with exact regularity. Now I'm not trying to make an excuse or give myself an 'out' for when I miss a deadline, far from it. This work is the most important thing to me in the world besides my cat, Mao. I take it hard every single time I fail to meet my own expectations. I take it hard knowing that I failed you, my supporters. I know that some other artists are better than me, more prolific, and more punctual. I constantly strive to be as good as them. My brain just doesn't let me do that sometimes.
Fortunately, many of my supporters have told me that it's better to have quality over quantity, and that's something with which I wholeheartedly agree. Each illustration and comic strip takes a lot of time to produce because I want everything to be as good as it can be. I want to be proud of the work I make. And I want you to look at it with the happiness and pride of knowing that you helped me make it.
So those are the kind of supporters I am looking for. Are you one of them?
$330 of $500 per month
Yeah! Your support makes me happy! This means I'm one quarter of the way to my Major Goal!
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