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About Trivia Goh

Hello there~ I am Trivia aka trivialities! I am a freelance Illustrator based in sunny Singapore, and I specialise in cute. I love creating adorkable illustrations. From time to time, I'll jump into the 3d world and create art toys as well.

I'm here on Patreon as it will allow me to fund my art and continue creating original content. It is the perfect opportunity to share and send my original artworks directly to people who support the work I do. 

Your support in pledges will go to acquiring art supplies, paying my bills, feeding me and more importantly, provide me with the mental headspace to go all out and focus on awesome projects!  It will definitely mean more time to document and share my work and to just hang out with you guys on social media.

In return, by being patrons of trivialities, you will be getting sweet treats like work-in-progress shots, time-lapses and videos of the creation of my artworks and weekly Oh So Meta webcomic.

I truly appreciate any amount you are willing to give, so that I can continue illustrating for you <3 Just a heads up, you'll be charged up front upon signing up to be a patron and on every start of the month. No worries, pledges are a month to month commitment and can be edited or cancelled anytime! :)
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Whee! The first milestone! In celebration, I’ll illustrate a special thank you piece, which you can download no matter where you are in the world~
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