is creating a platform to track Justin Trudeau's electoral promises
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About TrudeauMeter

On October 19th 2015, Canadians chose Justin Trudeau to be Canada's 23rd Prime Minister. The TrudeauMeter (TrudeauMètre in French) is a non-partisan collaborative citizen initiative that tracks his performance with regards to his electoral platform.

Tracking promises takes time. Each update we make is vetted against multiple sources, and we make sure to include reliable sources to justify every promise status change. On top of that, we also have some tech-related fees such as SSL certificates and backend hosting for our code. Our goal is to keep the whole thing running smoothly under the hood so that you may have a great space to learn more about what our government is doing and exchange ideas in the process.

If you find the site useful and feel like you've learned something by visiting it, then we've achieved our goal! If you decide to contribute, you're giving us the means to keep doing that - thank you!
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