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About TrueUnderDawg Gaming

I'm an avid Fighting Game Enthusiast who creates Educational Guides to help Grow the Fighting Game Community (FGC). These Tutorials can range from Character Guides (which you Pick yourselves) to General Guides about the Game's Mechanics, and so on. 

I also Upload Online Gameplay with Live Commentary! I also do the occasional Fail Montage and other videos of that nature. I may even start Streaming Online Matches and Interactive Guides if I get enough Funding to do so!

Your Support will also help me to buy Better equipment so that I can Upload increasingly better content. This would include better Editing Software, Microphones, Capturing Devices, and so on! Your Monthly Subscriptions will help me to make this YouTube Channel the best that it can be!
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Ever wonder what I look like? If we manage to reach this milestone, I will purchase a decent camera and create more content showcasing my horrific true form. Typical gameplay and guides will still be safe...unless you decide otherwise.  
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