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Something about me?
Hello! I'm Mark 18 y.o. I'm from Italy, well, I moved here with my mother when I was a child.
I've always been opened to a new experience so I started learning new things about life and myself
To be honest, I found my voice unexpectedly, and before it, I'd been trying to make a game with my team and put it on google play
Unfortunately, it failed because of the lack of money and experience, but it's still alive :D
When I sing it makes me feel like I can describe something that's inside of myself
Something I can pull out and make it visible to other people, something that is somewhere inside of my chest
There was 4 tries (well, I just started and could't make in time more songs or demos) but my friends liked it so I moved on
Sometimes I like to sing something just to get who beautiful my voice is...
I've got huge interest for music. It's my hobby and I like it a lot =)

Let's get started
Everything I do is based on my self-confidence
And what I want to is to make songs
Let me explain how I work


My friend gave me a mic for my voice recordings so I can try to sing now. Thank you a lot bro =)
So... what can I say about it? Let me show you
Sometimes I like to sing something different just to get how beautiful my voice is and share it with my friends or family, something like Your beautiful
Or something like I swear I love you
This is what I do when I have free time
I know there can be some mistakes but I try to sing better and better day by day
So let me get high
I never had problems with lyrics, don't even know why =\
It was always simple for me to rhyme or to explain something in rhythm
It's gonna be tonight, there's nothing you can hide
Everything I do - I do by myself and... sometimes... I can't say if my voice is "right" or not. It's difficult to criticise your own voice.
Let me be your key, let me feel your heart. You're the one I need, you're the one I want

Is it real to make a beautiful song without experience?
Guess... nope =/
Delays, reverbs etc are very important for making a nice song
So let me show you how it can be
What if I add some effects? Delay?
Delay 1
Delay 2
What about second voice?
First try
Second try
Only you can tell me if my voice is "right or nice"

Lyrics and Style
It's obvious that I can't put my lyrics here, but...
I'm very kind as a person and I try to make my lyrics the same way I am.
My inspiration is a girl that I love that's why I want to make something like "What is happening between us"

$0 of $50 per month
This is my first aim.
A new beggining for my music and myself.
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