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About True Self Challenge

True Self Challenge was originally launched as a channel focusing exclusively on living the life you really want to be living, instead of living according to the rules others have set out for us.

Things have changed - while living your true self is still the central focus of the content you'll find here, there's a whole lot more.

Let's start from the beginning (and not waste time).

My name is John - on this channel, I (honestly) share a lot of the changes I'm making to my life as I as look to be happier and more fulfilled.

But it's not all about that. Sometimes, I'll share content with you that is off the channel's general direction, but interesting to me and (hopefully), interesting to you as well.

Here is one example.

And here's another.

So what can you expect to see here as a True Self Challenge subscriber? It really runs the gamut:

- Sending a Buddha belly to hell in record time
- How to troll idiots trying to hack your blog
- The time Donald Trump wanted to sue me (and I laughed in his face)

True Self Challenge also features a subchannel - Tiny House Prep.

Aside from the content from the main TSC channel, my lovely girlfriend Loretta and I publish a video on our active transition from urban apartment dwellers to tiny house owners.

What sets this tiny house series aside from the others is that it starts at the point of idea and invites you to follow along as we declutter our home in anticipation of smaller living, search for tiny house design ideas, shop for property and so much more.

Bottom line: new content each week and we guarantee to be engaging and entertaining.

By helping to support our efforts, we promise to give you something to look forward to throughout the week.