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About The Try Guys


What’s this?
Welcome to The Try Guys Patreon, thanks for checking us out. We imagine that if you’ve found your way here, you know who we are. BUT assumptions are rude, and we’d hate to be rude, so let us introduce ourselves. We are Keith, Ned, Zach and Eugene. We’re The Try Guys. We’re 2nd Try, LLC. We’re… always doing a lot it seems.
And that’s why we’re excited you’re here. In only one year, we’ve built an incredible community of Tryceratops (what we call our patrons) who have helped us immensely in developing our company into so many new areas. With your support, we’ve grown our YouTube channel to almost 6 Million Subscribers! We’ve launched a podcast! We have a Book! We’re going on tour! We have merch! We have a staff! We hosted The Streamys! We’ve won 2 Streamys and a Webby! And we’ve developed rich and meaningful mini-series like the Old Age Series and the DUI series, amongst the other 100+ videos we’ve released in our first year.

Why do The Try Guys need a Patreon?
That’s a great question. And there are a lot of answers. Since we just name dropped our DUI series, that’s a good place to start.
You see, The DUI series was something that would not have been possible without our patreon. This was our first big, independent production and we really wanted it to show what we were capable of producing! We were excited to make an educational series that showed the true dangers of driving while intoxicated, because while there’s varying amounts of education out there about the dangers of drunk driving and high driving, there’s really nothing that gets the message across and is fun to watch. Our goal was to create 4 amazing pieces of content that would inspire people to adapt safer habits while still laughing and feeling connected to the videos. The problem was that this series cost about $40,000 to make, and since the subject matter was illegal (though obviously for educational purposes), YouTube couldn’t assure us that the content wouldn’t get demonetized. So we had to decide if it was worth it to spend 40k on something that we might make no money back on. It was also only a few months into our channel so we were still in the negative as a company.
Because of our Patreon, we actually had the money to take this risk and the security to know that if we didn’t earn it back, we’d still have more support coming in the next month. THIS is one of the many reasons that we love/need/appreciate your support.
In fact, there are a good chunk of our videos that actually don’t make money. Weird music videos we make out of extra footage or scripted projects with a lot of costumes and writing time. Videos where we dress in weird suggestive costumes and making inappropriate jokes? Yeah those get demonetized very quickly. And sometimes, it doesn’t even make sense why a video might get demonetized. It just happens!

There’s also times where we go above and beyond (and over budget). The Streamy’s was something we put our own additional money into because we wanted to make a statement and the budget they gave us wasn’t going to be enough for what we wanted to do. Because of our Patreon we can create better content on our platforms and on others’!

Our Patreon is not only an amazing platform that lets us pay for all the videos/staff/supplies/etc, it’s also a wonderful place for our fans and friends to come together in a supportive community. The conversations that happen on our discord constantly show us that our fans are truly wonderful people. When we release our videos early to our patrons, they help us find little technical errors or even things that could be problematic to some viewers (like how strobe lighting effects can be harmful to people who suffer from seizures or how creating custom captions can help those who are hard of hearing). Sometimes our videos spur the most heartfelt and beautiful conversations. We truly love this community.

Patreon has also helped us staff up faster than we could have without it! We’re a team of 13 strong. Our team has health insurance, paid vacation days, maternity/paternity leave, a 401k plan, and other benefits! We wanted to create an environment that was really supportive so that people could focus on being creative and be committed to staying and building something amazing with us. We left a big corporation so that we could have more freedom to focus on content instead of politics. We’re creating a positive environment for our staff that reflects that. Having a reliable income from Patreon helps us guarantee that we’ll always be able to honor our employees needs. If we have people on vacation, we can hire freelancers. We hire artists, designers, editors, photographers, producers, illustrators, managers, directors. So many people contribute their voices to what we do and YOU empower all of it! We can keep producing things that entertain and inspire the world and also make sure everyone is happy, healthy, and loving what they do.
We’ve tested shows on our Patreon that will soon move over to our youtube channel! The Food Babies started as an after show for Keith’s Eat The Menu, but given the feedback from our Tryceratops we’ve decided to take it out to our main channel and see how we can grow that show even further.
AND because of repeated requests from our Patrons in America and the world, we decided to launch our first ever live tour. Yes, we’re starting with the US, but we hope to go global in the coming years.
Next Steps
As we continue forward, our goal as a company is to make the world a more open and accepting place through our content. We want to make people laugh. We want to make people think. We want people to learn new things and connect with their loved ones. Trying new things changes your perception and makes our differences seem smaller and what we share seem larger. We want our company to promote this mission and grow to make more shows, podcasts, books, merchandise, more videos, more everything! We want to extend our brand to all the people that need our content. To those who love our content. To those who inspire our content.
Our previous Patreon spoke of how we wanted to leave BuzzFeed, make a new channel, release 2 videos a week, hire a staff, grow new projects… and we literally did it all because of you! Now we’re setting new goals - a tour, a successful podcast, a best-selling book, a documentary… the list goes on and on!

WHAT ABOUT MY [email protected]!
You’ll also see that we’ve changed our tiers. There’s a few reasons for this.
  1. We simply didn’t know what we’d be best at as a company last year. We were throwing darts at a wall and didn’t know how hard some things were (merch).
  2. We want to make our rewards more reflective of what we’re good at as a company. We want to give you the opportunity to direct our content more as a Patreon. We want to test new podcasts, show more cut footage from videos, show you more of our process, test new shows, etc.
We know that merch was something that was hard for us last year, and we feel bad about it. We are still offering merch in our rewards, but we’ve scaled some things back to reflect what is actually possible for us. We don’t want to promise things we can’t deliver efficiently. That’s why everyone who was a patron up until this month received some overdue merchandise gift cards. We want to always keep our promises to our patrons and changing tiers is an exciting way to do that.
Take a look and see what makes sense for how you can support. Even just $1 makes a difference.

Again, its blown our minds that we have over 5,000 people who believe in Try Guys and what we do so much that they want to directly contribute to what we’re making. None of us thought we’d be here today making such cool, informative, uplifting, funny, bizarre, and loving content, but YOU make it possible. Our first year was incredibly daunting, but Patreon has always been there keeping us going. Our first paycheck as a company came from YOU. Our first conversations about videos come from YOU. Our podcast was shaped by YOU. Our new series are informed by YOU!

Oh yeah, remember when our patrons helped choose our logo? badass.

3,673 of 5,000 patrons
When we get our first 5000 tryceratops, Keith will read off the name of every member in a livestream.
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