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About Tschäff Reisberg

Hi, I'm Jeff, the creator of the Pairing Decoder. Before becoming an American Airlines flight attendant, I worked on IT projects for United Airlines and as a freelancer. My mission is simple, use software to make our lives easier and schedules more flexible.

As I write this, around two years ago, I was in a meeting trying to get our company to build us better software. They approved it. Some in our union demanded control of the project and in my estimation they were not talented enough to deliver the popular features flight attendants were asking for. Many nights I'd come home and vent to my wife about how badly the meetings went. The designs the programmers were getting from us were shamefully bad. In the end, the union official won and I was kicked out of the project. Shortly after, my wife and I got married. Instead of having a wedding ceremony, my wife urged me to use the funds to build the Pairing Decoder instead. My wife knew that I felt like I had let our community down, and she said that if I don't build this, I'll regret it forever.

I've never required anyone to pay in a nerdy attempt to promote kindness and goodwill within our community. However, to keep the servers humming, it requires both me and my loving wife to work many days per month extra, and we don't have another wedding fund to make the changes it needs to keep running after FOI. Cruelty is one of the main obstacles to achieving a strong and effective union. Our inferior software and weak contract/contract enforcement are a direct result of cruelty. Other unions have been rejected after reaching out to us in order to work together on matters that benefit all flight attendants. We can all do a better job being good to one another, we must if we're to be better.

Software like this is difficult to build even under ideal conditions. Features that are easy to explain like "arrival time" are hard to implement. What would be two step task for the company ends up taking twenty steps from the outside. Doing this from the outside means a custom web browser had to be made that automates logging in, compensating for expiring passwords, invalid logins, errors, then surfs to the correct pages and finds the start and end of the data you want on the page and delivers it to you in the timezone you requested. Doing things this way requires multitudes more code, requires more frequent maintenance, bigger servers, but it works!

If you believe in what I'm doing, and would like to see me continue to build and improve our software, I'll need your support. If EVERY user were to contribute $3.50 a month which is less than your van tips for a three-day trip, I'd be able to pay the monthly server bill. If you're able to give $8.33 or more a month I'll include ETB alerts as a special thank you.  With ETB alerts, you get a notification when a trip you want gets dropped so you won't have to stalk the trade board anymore. Giving is optional, I don't mind working extra to bring this service to those going through tough times. However, if you're able to give, you'd be directly responsible for delivering more flexibility and convenience to our community which is a wonderful thing.

Thank you and safe travels.

Jeff (Tschäff) Reisberg

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