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Dirt Pal
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I can't thank you enough! Every contribution means so much, and the more support I have, the more time I can spend in the studio creating pieces.

In addition to my heartfelt thanks, patrons of this level also get:

  • Behind the scenes and WIP photos
  • Patron-exclusive pictures of my pets (definitely worth it)
  • Patron-only polls
Mud Buddy
per month
First Access, Discounts, & Giveaways

Be the first to be notified when I have pieces for sale!
 Patrons of this level+ will get to see and claim for purchase my work for a whole week before they're listed on my Etsy.

This is especially useful if you're looking for one of my more rarely made items or items that tend to sell fast (such as mushroom dishes), or particular designs. 

Access to patron-only ceramic giveaways (at least one per year)!

The more patrons I have, the more often I can do giveaways! Free shipping to contiguous US; open worldwide, but those outside of the lower 48 US will have to pay shipping.

Every patron of this tier+ will receive a patron-exclusive 10% discount code to use in my shop! The code will be valid on multiple purchases; use it every time you order! The code will be changed monthly.

  • All previous rewards
Earth Ally
per month
Commissions and Chats

I can only open for a limited number of commissions per season. As a patron of this level+, you'll get first chance to grab a commission slot!

Priority will go to those who have been a patron for longest, rather than first come, first serve. I will only open remaining slots to the public a week after patrons have had a chance!

Once a month, join me for a one hour livestream chat!

Livestream with me and watch me work, just hang out, or meet my pets! (ChuChu, my African grey parrot, is especially fond of livestreaming.)

Note: Due to my chronic illness and disabilities, chats will sometimes need to be rescheduled. But I promise one chat per month, which may be made up in the next month if necessary!

  • Glaze recipes
  • Decor tips and how-tos (not just ceramics!)
  • Exclusive process videos, tutorials, and step-by-steps
  • All previous rewards



About Tser

I'm an autistic, chronically ill, queer artist. When I have the energy, I make art. I don't have energy all that often but when I do... I do the art. If I had any energy left after that I could make things for Patreon.
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This much per month will allow me to buy new equipment, such as a new camera and some equipment such as a tripod, as well as video editing software, allowing me to take better, higher quality, and longer videos of my work. How-to videos would be a perk! My current camera can only film 30 minutes at a time, and has started to have fussy connections.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 18 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 18 exclusive posts
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