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About Toyota Trucks and Trails Podcast

Toyota Trucks and Trails is a podcast dedicated to the fans & owners of Toyota trucks & SUVs. We're here on Patreon to help drive our goals to deliver quality content to our audience.

We started in late 2015 and since then have produced over 80 episodes at the rate of one every two weeks, with some exceptions --- holidays, getting sick, etc. We also travel to events to interview, take audio and video as well as participate.

Here's an overview of some of the goals we are considering:
  • Video content
    • Technical how-to's
    • Trail rides
    • Event coverage
    • Talks with industry professionals
  • Audio content
    • Technical discussions
    • Talks with listeners
    • Talks with industry professionals
We enjoy making both audio & video, but ultimately we want to deliver the content you, the fans, want to have.

We also want the goals to be readily obtainable; we'd like to present short and long term goals, so quality new content can be enjoyed sooner.

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