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Who am I:
Hi! I'm João (yeah, portuguese name with a "thingy" above the a)! So, what did I do, you ask? I made BeeHappy! I also made 2 modsJQuarry, Extra Functions and SimpleOreGen - all available on CurseForge
I'm a Master Informatics Engineering student, so my time is limited for now, but during the vacations, I work to update everything I made and released more and more content! I learned everything by myself by viewing some videos and read some tutorials.

About pledging me:
Pledging me will show that you care for developers! I'll thank you (alot) for that!
I put a lot of time on my work and I try to please everybody! All the effort is compensated with the happiness that I see when I read messages that I constantly received! I really want to continue with this and I know that knowning you will increase my strenght and happiness to continue developing contents for the game!

Besides the goals:
I want to meet people with ideas! People that want to help and improve the content of Minecraft - either with ideas, opinions, critics, etc... Everybody have imagination, but yours could be way better than mine :)
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