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About Tune In Entertainment

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Patreon page of Tune In Entertainment!

Basic Information
We started out with a podcast (Inspired, But Tired), and we are working on expanding our platform. Along with our podcast, we will be producing videos, including (but not limited to: short films, skits, web series', reviews, vlogs, music videos, and dance numbers). We spend money on equipment so that we are able to produce the highest quality content possible. We also would like to pay the people we work with on these projects. 

Inspired, But Tired Podcast
Inspired, But Tired
is a weekly podcast created and hosted by Haley Schrager and Kayla Muldoon. The world can be exhausting. Constantly being bombarded with nothing but bad news is not good for your health. Although it's important to stay informed, it's also okay to take a step back every now and then. Take a step back with us, and get inspired. Listen as we tell you stories of important people from history who have done amazing things (and who you've never heard of!), as we tell you good news, and as we talk about The Bachelor (in separate weekly minisodes during the on season). #InspiredPod
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Our Goal for Tune In Entertainment 
We know our goals for Tune In Entertainment are big - which is exactly why we need your help! We are planning on consistently releasing content on our Youtube channel starting in April/ May. We understand that that date is far away, but we want to make sure we produce high quality videos that you love and will want to share! Our channel will be a home base for an abundance of art. You can look forward to short films, skits, sketch comedy, choreography, reviews, vlogs, music videos, and more! There is certainly going to be something for everyone, so make sure to tune in to Tune In. 
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Tune In Entertainment

Patreon is giving us the chance to live our dream and we appreciate anything you pledge. We're really excited about the perks we're offering, and the perks we will offer when we successfully expand to other forms of media. We have big plans, and we can't wait to share them all with you! 

Thank you for reading this through, we love you all! 

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When we reach $200, we'll buy new microphones for the podcast so we can stop borrowing one! 
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