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Send much higher quality videos/images, still completely end to end encrypted.




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Available now at tunnelgram.com. An end to end encrypted (E2EE) messenger that works on multiple devices at the same time. Talk to your friends with the peace of mind that no one else can see.

Tunnelgram messages, photos, and videos are encrypted on your device, and can only be decrypted by the recipients on their device. Not Facebook, Google, Verizon, or AT&T; not even Tunnelgram's own servers. Only your friends and you.

Unlike with other E2EE messengers, you can log in on multiple devices at the same time. Start a conversation on your phone, continue it on your laptop, then watch that video from your friend on your tablet. If you lose your phone, your conversations aren't lost with it; just log in on your new phone, and all your stuff is there.

Tunnelgram is fully open source (server and client) and uses the Tunnelwire Encryption Scheme, so you can check all of the code it's built on.

Tunnelgram is not a big corporation. It's built by me, Hunter Perrin. I've been writing software for over two decades. I've worked at Facebook and Google, and I know who can see the messages you send over their platforms. It's scary. It took me 5 years of weekends and spare time to develop the technologies, and it's now the most convenient end to end encrypted messenger.

Tunnelgram is hosted at my expense, so I hope to offset the cost through Patreon. Basically, the more I make through Patreon, the more time and resources I can devote to Tunnelgram. If I make enough to hire more people, we can make Tunnelgram a world scale messenger!

- Hunter Perrin
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At $200 a month, I'll increase hosting to the next higher tier in Azure to make Tunnelgram faster.
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