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About Artificial Turf Wars

For over 240 episodes (starting at Blue Jays Plus and now continuing with Baseball Prospectus Toronto as Artificial Turf Wars), we've been trying to provide you with some unique Jays insight, sprinkled with some laughter. We have tons of fun, and have always done this out of love and the hope that we can entertain you for an hour or so. Thank you for helping us get this far!

You guys simply listening to us ramble on is plenty of reward, but if you feel like contributing to the show, we'd be very grateful. We're hoping to keep growing (new music, new games, special episodes), but that means more costs and more time. Any little bit helps.


- Greg and Josh
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Many thanks! ($1/month)
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You will have our endless, unspoken gratitude. Every little bit helps!
Recognition and swag! ($4/month)
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For $4/month, we will thank you personally on the podcast. In addition, you will become eligible for the bimonthly Jays gear draws if we reach $150 total (must remain at this level).  Hooray!
Game Time! ($10/month)
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In addition to the perks of previous tiers, if you give us $10/month, we'll bring you on the podcast to either play Swing and a Drive or Stump the Josh. 
A Baseball Prospectus Thanks ($20/month)
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In addition to all previous rewards, you will also be given a premium subsciption to Baseball Prospectus (must remain at this level for 3 months).  Fun stats! PECOTA! Also, you'll be super awesome!
REAL Game Time! ($40/month)
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If for some reason you love us this much, Josh will take you to a regular season Jays game in good seats (must remain at this level for 3 months). Who wouldn't want to soak in all that adulation! 

Patron is responsible for own travel to Toronto.

Insanity ($50/month)
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If you're donating this much to our silly pod, we will create a special insult to your level of sanity because let's be serious, you must have a loose screw. We'll mention your new special nickname on the pod often. You may even get a game named after you!
$89 of $100 per month
Twice a month Greg and Josh will host a live chat during a Blue Jays game for Patrons. You can ask us stuff, make fun of us, whatever you want!
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