Lucas Klein

is creating melody, dialogue, and protrusions in the landscape of knowledge.
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About Lucas Klein

"We are as continuous with the physical universe as a wave is with the ocean." - Alan Watts

It is not enough to understand a wave outside the context of the ocean. We wake up every morning to find ourselves where we are, take stock of our situation, and step into the future in one direction or another. But what guides us?

My name is Lucas. I'm a musician at heart, a physicist by training, a student of neuroscience, an intellectual wanderer and a curious creative. I am driven by questions about human beings; our brains, our history, our context, our incentives, and our consciousness. I make music, write prose, and ignite conversations, and study flow states of the musical mind. Find out about my research and goals at my blog, Turn On Tune In.

My content is all free, but donations are welcome. I'd love to hear from you about anything under the sun. Cheers!
~ Lucas
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