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Thank you so much! Seriously, I appreciate this a lot. It's hard to articulate how much.

You get access to behind the scenes content: what kinds of things I'm thinking about talking about, what I'm curious about, and of course my undying affection.
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Wow, thank you so much for the support. I'm lost for words!

At this level, not only do you get all the perks above, but you get to suggest a topic for a 1000-word blog post. Each month, all members can vote on proposed subjects; I'll write the top one.
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Thank you--I am overwhelmed with your generosity! 

Here I will answer one question of your choosing per month to the best of my ability, with citations and a word limit of about 1,000 words, plus access to everything else. 




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About Erin Giglio

Hi! Thank you so much for chipping in a bit for my weird pieces and crabby biology rants. Accuracy is important to me, and so is understanding exactly how complicated and context-dependent behavior and the mind really are--and not just the human mind, either. Context matters, and it can be a tricky thing to track it all down. Thank you for letting me gather the strands of context together. 

Chipping in here means that I can afford to spend more time nattering on Metafilter and writing blog posts out in public, which means more time for you to read. It means that I can invest in time-saving little things in my everyday life like faster transit to and from work (since I live with three adults who share one car between us right now), a chest freezer to help my household prepare and organize meals so I eat more reliably, and pay down my perpetual vet bills a bit faster. I'm amazed and perpetually grateful for the generosity of the Internet, and I am endlessly startled at the affection from any folks who like my writing enough to enable me to produce more of it. 

I'm terrified to say anything to you guys, but I love you and I love your support. Thank you. 

That banner is a baby singing mouse curled into the palm of my hand, by the way. Like me, it is small and wrinkly and tends to blink heavily in sunlight; like me, it hopes to grow into something a hell of a lot more active with a bit of time and care. I can't think of a better banner for something like this.

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