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is creating a website for the next generation of artists and thinkers
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A pretty adventurous individual, typically can be found posting themselves jumping off cliffs. Loves art and KNOWS that is going to take off
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Either my Nonna or just an absolute animal. Thank you, you are a beast



About Twenty Hot

What is Twenty Hot?

A website about everything, and nothing.

It's like a playground, but for young adults and old adults alike, to post whatever they want freely and have an audience with an open perspective. It is a space where every work is looked at equally and appreciated for what it is: art.
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With $50 by the end of the month we will have the ability to keep this train going for another month. We can get more exposure and add more features that allow interaction with our audience and writers. If expression, creativity and freedom of speech are important to you, we'd love to help. Help us? Thanks gang. HOT.
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