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About Twilightsims

Hello everyone! My name is Twilightsims and I am a Sims 4 Custom Content maker, mainly Sims traits and custom careers. I like making my own custom CC as it lets me be creative and be part of a bigger community. You may have heard of me as Twilightsims (formally GoBananas) on ModTheSims and @twilightsims on Tumblr.

How Often do you Publish?
I usually release at least 3 cc's a month, usually more unless it's exam season. My content is mostly custom traits or careers, so if you have any requests then feel free to drop my a message!

When Will your Content be Available?
My plan is to release my content a few weeks after it has been released on here. I understand that not everyone can do this and I wouldn't expect anyone to if they couldn't. Any support would be very appreciated and it would help me out a lot :)

Why Twilightsims?
When I was younger I was really into Twilight and I wanted Twilight themes CC in the Sims 2, which is how I first discovered the Simming community and sparked my interest in the Sims. Choosing the name Twilightsims is a reflection on that, for me personally it is a reminder of how my interest in Twilight led me to mod Sims today.
I first started making custom content for the Sims 3, but this was only for a short time with a handful of pets and sims. I dabbled with the Sims 2 for a while as well, but it wasn’t until I started to play the Sims 4 I really started to get interested in modding. I always felt that the number of traits available for Sims was quite restricted compared to the Sims 3, and a lot of custom ones only no longer worked, hence why I started making my own.

My Terms of Use
I do not give permission for my content to be uploaded on any site, which includes websites who may feature my Content but offer a pay per month service to reduce redirect time. If you see my content on a website which is not my Tumblr page or ModtheSims, it is a breach of my terms of use.