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About Twintendo

We are the number one channel for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon content. Amassing over 5000 YouTube subscribers and over 1 million views we feel that we can grow even further and produce higher quality content through your support.

We also stream regular and exclusive content to Twitch. Our livestreams don't stop until we are assured that we've entertained you.

There are so many videos and ideas we want to bring to our loyal viewers, but both financial and time restrictions don't allow us to do so.

Through the help of Patreon you can help these ideas come to fruition.

With your generous donations we will be able to purchase the latest equipment, ensuring higher quality output and at a larger quantity too. Patreon will allow us to grow as a channel and as a fanbase.

By donating to us through Patreon you are able to shape the future of our content.

- Twintendo
$1 of $200 per Creating Videos
Our first goal as content creators. Wooooo! :D

We would love to be able to implement a Green-Screen into our future content. It would allow us add camera footage into the majority of our videos for professional and reactionary purposes.

If we are able to reach this goal the Green-Screen would be used in many existing series on the channel such as:

  • News & Discussions
  • Speculative Theories
  • Pokemon Battle series
  • Random Rumble
  • Let's Plays
  • Trailer Breakdowns 

The installation of a Green-Screen would be imperative for improving our live-streamed content. It would allow for a more aesthetically pleasing upload as well as more room for such things as:

  • Twitch Chat Feed
  • New Followers
  • Top Followers
  • New Donations
  • Top Donations
  • Banners and Tickers
We think it is pretty evident that the addition of a Green-Screen would improve our YouTube videos and Twitch streams immensely.

The second piece of equipment we would like to acquire through this goal is an HD camera.

This will be a big help in improving our current videos and streams but would also help us create future content that is currently not financially viable, such as:

  • Twintendo on Tour - A series of Vlogs of our proposed Summer trip to Japan! On this series we take you, the viewer, along with us on a virtual trip to all the locations we plan on visiting in the gaming capital of the world. Such places include: Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima, the summit of Mt Fuji and many more!

  • A Gaming-related Comedy series - Many of you who watch our content know that we love to implement comedy into our videos and streams. We like think that we make you all laugh from time-to-time. That's why we want to begin a new series that's all about comedy! In this series we would script episodes around certain gaming hot topics and create skits, produce rants and parodies. With an HD camera we will be able to get to work on this series a lot faster and easier than our current setup allows us to. The addition of the camera will help provide multiple angles for skits and parodies, allowing for further comedic effect.

  • Wager Matches - Anyone who has been with us close to the start of our YouTube inception knows that we did several wager match videos. We are looking to bring these back, but this time with a Nintendo-themed twist that will appeal to our fanbase and help to rejuvenate the franchise. We plan to record many of these wagers outdoors and thus a high quality camera is necessary for content such as this. An example of a proposed wager match we have in mind is Mario Strikers Charged vs. Real Life Football and of course there will be plenty of painful forfeits alongside these wagers!

We'd like to clarify that we still plan on producing our usual content even if this goal is not met, however if we do meet this first goal it will bring a rise in quality to our current content, along with brand new video ideas that can be put into motion.

We hope you continue to support and be a part of the Twintendo Nation!


James and Ollie
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