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The team behind Within the Twisted Reach, a.k.a. TwistedPod, are pioneering a new true crime sub-genre called Mystery Journalism. The core of every episode is a real-life missing person mystery couched within in-depth news reporting about the world we live in. Each episode is investigated and written by journalists Nathan J. Comp and Meagan Parrish. In probing the social and cultural variables at play in each case, we sidestep the limitations inherent to aggregator storytelling.

Our take-no-prisoners approach to information gathering, to securing interviews with people you won't hear from anywhere else, and our unrelenting victim advocacy, TwistedPod will toy with your intuition, challenge the status quo, and help families get closer to the truth of what happened to their missing loved one.

In documenting these stories, TwistedPod aims to also illustrate the need for nationwide reforms in how missing person cases are handled by police. Among other reforms, we support a federal mandate that makes locating those reported missing a top law enforcement priority. 

Two beta episodes are available on iTunes, Stitcher, GooglePlay, Podcastpedia, and Buzzsprout as part of our soft launch. None of us had ever assembled a podcast prior to this, so these are our training wheels so to speak. But part of the fun is nurturing an idea and watching it grow wings. Your support helps us take flight sooner...   

...and means so much to so many. 

Thank you.  
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We have lots of material for bonus content, including a 20-minute Q&A feature exploring what science tells us about violent crimes and those who commit them. Once we reach $750 a month we can post these biweekly. 
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