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About Becky

The first novel I ever wrote was about five teenagers who met at summer camp, discovered they had magical-transformation powers, and were whisked away into a world of dragons, knights, and many other-worldly adventures. It was called “Black Dragon Warriors” and it was, admittedly, awful. But give a girl some slack, I was 13 and heavily influenced by anime such as Digimon and Sailor Moon.

Alright, fine, you caught me, I’m still imaginatively influenced by anime such as Digimon and Sailor moon. The only difference now is that I have a fancy (partial) University degree and know the meaning and use of even fancier literary terms.

I’ve spent years honing my writing skill, jotting endless notes for stories that will never see the light of day, role playing on nerdy fantasy forums, and finally (only 16 -short- years later) sitting my procrastinating bottom down and satiating my desire to write, complete, and publish a series of novels.