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is creating A twitch stream/bot which gives awareness to talented streamers
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Allows a streamer to link his or her stream in the Twitch Ranks chat. If you rank within the top 25, Twitch Ranks will share your stream's link and an update about your points, kills, and long term stats with our viewers in chat! More rewards coming soon. Along with Patreon videos explaining some things about the Twitch Ranks system :D!
*currently no limitation set on the number of links per day this is subject to change
*please provide your twitch channel if you pledge using this reward ;)
per month
A tag (including 20 characters) of your choice can be put next to your name while being ranked on screen :D ... Stand out and show the type of channel you are with a simple message that captures you!
*does not go into effect until the first month patron is charged and processed
*please provide your twitch channel and tag choice if you pledge using this reward ;)
per month
Allows a streamer to be hosted by our twitch channel. Max we will host is twice a day for 15 mins each. You have a chance to be hosted directly after we host you but others paying for this same reward have greater odds of being hosted.

*please provide your twitch channel and streaming schedule if you pledge using this reward ;)




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$0 of $65 per month
Streamers can either be killed or not killed by the twitchranks viewers healing and attacking them. There will be streamers who have their health bars drained all the way and when this happens the next best rank will replace that person with a new full health bar. This will allow our stream to be more watchable by viewers cause we can occupy the screen with a single streamer at a time allowing more focus to our ranked players and their channels.
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