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Discord Role and Influence
per month

Patrons who subscribe within this tier will be given a custom role within The Scout Army community discord server.

This role will give access to a patron-only voice and text channel and will also allow patrons to select whatever color they would like for their name in discord.

Patrons at this tier will also have more sway when it comes to voting for games or activities to do on or off of stream.

Includes Discord rewards
Movie and Game Nights
per month

Patrons that fall under this tier will gain access to an upgraded Patreon discord role and will be able to participate in movie and game nights with ScoutTV!

(Game/Movie Nights will be at least once a month but, will most likely occur more often as we gain more patrons.)

(All tier 1 rewards are included under this tier.)

Includes Discord rewards
Stream Mod and Panel Recognition
per month

Patrons that donate $15/mo. will instantly be modded on stream and their username or name of their choice will be posted within the panel section of ScoutTV's Twitch Page.

(All previous tier benefits included.)




per month

About ScoutTV

Hey, my name is Harrison Zimmerman, also known as ScoutTV on Twitch!

I am currently 19 years old and I live in Michigan, USA. I am an aspiring streamer on Twitch and I love to entertain and connect with my community. I recently graduated high school and I am now working part-time and have begun taking streaming more seriously.

Patreon offers another way for my viewers to support me with my stream and my daily life and in turn, I can provide special rewards for those who decide to do so.

Becoming a patron is by no means necessary and is done solely out of each Patron's own generosity.

While you are here please take the time to check out my various social media, the current available tiers, and maybe even consider becoming a patron yourself!

Thanks so much for checking me out and taking the time to read this. Much love, and I hope to see you in chat soon! <3
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Upon reaching 50 Patrons I will be doing a 24-Hour stream. Let's make it happen.
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