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Hey, this is filled with sewing supplies! Get early access to my work including my podcast and DMsGuild content! 

Pincushion Pals
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A Lincoln gets you access to polls on what I should make next and exclusive vlog-style videos on what I'm working on! Just don't tell anyone how bad I am about pressing my seams, okay?

Modern Makers Guild
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Making stuff can get kind of lonely. What if there was an encouraging, thoughtful, and kind place you could bring your projects to hang out, chat about how many times you've ripped out this row of stitching, all without having to change out of your jammies?

I made us a discord, my pals! Get on in there, be nice to each other, and make some stuff together! Never sewn a day in your life? Totally cool, there will be channels for talking about books, movies, and if a hot dog is a sandwich! All are welcome!



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--I will be relaunching in December 2019! Stay tuned for posts about sewing, knitting, writing, and Dungeons & Dragons!--

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If I can get to 25 patrons, I will start releasing a new audio podcast about indie fantasy novels!
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