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We are Margret, Marie, and Pikachu, our bird.

We are two (or three with Pika), makers of electronics, mechanics, woodworking and a whole lot of science!

Although our channel is new, we have been doing projects of this nature for many years. Margret specializes in software, network engineering and is also a certified auto mechanic, but foremost, she is a science fiction writer.

Marie has been into electronics since she was a small child and the FCC raided her room and confiscated her D batteries, walkie-talkie and aluminum foil. She does everything from building workbenches to troubleshooting complex electrical problems. However, she is primarily a mad scientist, working as a theoretical physicist.

Our postal address:
18731 Three Oaks Parkway
Fort Myers, FL 33967

Instagram: twogirsandabird

Twitter: @twogirsandbird

Email: [email protected]

And if you feel that you want to help us make these videos, we have a patreon account:

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Help support our YouTube channel.  If we get 100 patrons, we will buy real video equipment to make better videos!
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