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Baseline will allow me create more and more interesting videos; with me more is always more interesting. This gives you credit as a Co-Creator at the end of all my videos, as long as you are a Patron. I couldn't do it without your support.
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About Two Thirds Tea

How's it going guys? My name is Two Thirds Tea, and welcome to my Patreon!

I started making YouTube videos with the intent of making people laugh and have a good time, while also giving them a show of how poorly I handle games.

It's quite a show.

All joking aside, Patreon is an easy and manageable way of letting both me and the users show how much we care. I love making videos and love the people who watch them, and being able to show my support through my Patreon is just what I wanted. Plus, you guys get access to some cool features that even I might get jealous of.

If you would like to help me reach certain goals like acquiring better hardware, better editing software and better video and recording equipment, then consider funding this page through the higher fund goals!

In the end? Thank you. I love that you guys watch my content and enjoyed enough to come here and read this. But if you would enjoy seeing me and my content go further and become even better, consider putting even just one dollar into this page-it does more than you would think. 

Have an awesome day!


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This will show me that my content is growing and will shift me into overdrive, and I will release an upload schedule along with my promise of well made videos.
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