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About The Two Traveling Yogis

Hi There!

We are Cam and Kacy (The Two Traveling Yogis), and we love adventure. We are minimalist travelers, living out of one bag (each), doing the things that truly open our hearts. We would love to share our journey with you.

In January of 2019, we made a big move. We sold almost all our stuff (except what we can fit into a backpack), quit our jobs, gave notice on our apartment and bought a one way plane ticket to California. 

Let's back up a bit. After some deep contemplation we discovered that we weren't happy or fulfilled by what we were doing in our life. Or what we thought we should be doing.

It occurred to us, that only having one life to live (that we know of) was kind of pivotal to doing something that we really wanted. To doing something that could at least make a difference. So, the thing we wanted to do more than anything else, was travel.

We realized that traveling indefinitely wasn’t exactly the most practical idea, but we went for it anyway. 

We never thought we would actually be in a place in our lives where we could travel and work at the same time. We got on the flight with little to no savings in the bank and we have been able to sustain travel for 3 whole months. If we weren't doing it ourselves it would be hard to believe.

If you've made it this far, thank you! We know not everyone who reads this will have the disposable income to become a patron, and we in no way "expect" you to contribute financially. We're more than grateful for any and all the support we receive.

As of May 2019 we are traveling in Mexico, starting in a small coastal town called San Pancho where we will continue working online, but this time by the beach 😁. 

While we're offering a few extra "rewards" to those of you who decide to become patrons, we still need everyone's support to continue this journey. If you can't or don't want to become a patron, we'll be just as happy to have your continued support by joining our newsletter!

Anyway, at the risk of writing our first novel, we are going to end this here. We hope you decide to enroll, it would be great to have your support in this. This is a whole new world for us, and we just want to share it.

Talk soon,

Cam and Kacy
The Two Traveling Yogis

P.S. Still have questions about Patreon? Check out this awesome video they made.

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