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About TW. Smith

TW. Smith presents Self Cultivating Content, which includes History, Culture, and Individual Adventures. There is NO stone left unturned as we will look at events that have shaped the Modern Martial Arts. The scope of this content is based on extensive research and hours of preparation in  :

  • Academic Professors of History, Socialogy, Psychology and Anthropology
  • Modern Research of Behavior and Neurology
  • Cultures that span time
  • Law Enforcement, Military and Body Guard Influences
  • Practicing for better health, self protection, or having a philosophical way of life
  • Stories from 450 AD to this week
Here is where you will get access to a growing library of nearly 300 pieces, to which I am making a habit of updating regularly for you.  Listener support will permit the continued release of a podcast on a regular basis without extensive delay between episodes.

Patreon is my preferred way of sharing current content, early access, previous content, Bonus episodes, Private moments, and now, instructional videos.

 Whether you have wanted to learn the fundamentals of Lama Pai / Hop Gar, Southern Style Choy Li Fut, BaGua, Hsing and YiChuan, this is the platform which I will share continuously.

TW Smith
22% complete
I will invest in new hardware and building a soundbooth studio.  Really want to bring the best.  

Increase online storage for audiobook and podcasts.

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