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This is for any who wants to support, but aren't looking for some of the bigger benefits and discounts.  

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About Tyler Warren

GREETINGS!  My name is Tyler Warren and I love creating monsters!

I have been in partnership with RPG Maker since late 2013, releasing hundreds of RPG characters (enemy monsters to fight) and would like to bring you a bit closer to me and the creative process.  I am a traditional artist, using unique colored pencil techniques to create each original piece, then further enhancing images through digital editing, getting them ready to use in video games.  

This Patreon is for you.  If you enjoy the artwork itself, welcome!  If you are looking for an easy route to get a regular stream of new monsters for your game project, welcome!  If you want to have input into the process and help decide what gets produced next, welcome! 
Your Patron Benefits
New Monster Graphics:
  • Goal is to provide 1* new monster every week (4 per month)
  • New Patrons gain access to every monster created since the launch of this Patreon
  • Terms of Use:  unlimited commercial use, edits welcome, no engine restrictions
  • "1 Monster" each week turns into 40+ images--Original and filtered version in 6 sizes (full-rez, largeMV, largeVX, mid, small, tiny); Pixel-style version in 9 color palettes (full, Gameboy, NYX8, AAP64, NES, DB-ISO, Matriax, Timefantasy120, Timefantasy192) and 2X, 3X, 4X sizes

Asset Packs and Discounts:
  • When we have enough new monsters to fill an entire pack, they'll be combined and offered for sale, but Patrons will have access to those packs ahead of release and for free!
  • Patrons will gain discounts on all pre-Patreon asset packs (up to 80%) in my special Patron store front
  • Some Patrons will also gain discounts on original artwork purchases
  • Longevity Awards: 5 Patrons who support for longer periods of time will be given exclusive access and periodic free gifts (packs/prints/shirts/etc.)
  • Top 5 supporters overall will be credited on packs released!


  • Request monsters for your projects
  • I can't promise all requests will be immediately granted, but I'll make an effort to line up what's next behind your desires

Thank you,
Tyler Warren

Special thanks to Top 5 Supporters: Jay / Daniel Nance / Darryl / Kristian Lindholm / BruinsCat
$125 of $200 per month
Level 3
At this goal, I will increase production to 6 per month.
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