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About Tyler Thrasher

Your support has given me the immense privilege and resources to create and explore and my free time has been filled with just that, creating art and exploring the world around us. The easiest way to sum up a majority of what I do is simply stating this, "I strive to combine art and science."
They've always gone hand in hand in my mind, and this exact mindset is what brought so many of you to my work. 
Over the last few years, my work has somehow received an astonishing amount of publicity, support, and love. During these years, I've slowly been sharing ME- what I love, the things I do in my spare time, and the things I research. It turns out, most of you are on the same page and are into a lot of the things I am. I find ways to incorporate creativity and experimentation in almost everything I do, and that's what I want I'm bringing to Patreon.

Firstly, my art. Paintings, drawings, illustrations, zines, you name it. I'll be sharing that with all of you. By supporting my Patreon, you'll get free copies of every zine I make when I make them. You'll also get exclusive sneak peeks at the art I'm making and I will share tips and things I learn along the way.

Secondly, my science. You'll get first class access to my research, experiments, you name it again. I got alot going on in the lab, such as growing and classifying different synthesized crystals, trying to create opal, and working on fabricating other sorts of materials and what not. 

Thirdly, my plants. I collect and grow rare succulents and cacti. Its an ever consuming passion of mine and so many of you have expressed interest in my greenhouse and collection. I will share new additions to my collection, growing and care tips, tutorials, and I'll even send out some of my excess seeds from time to time! You'll even get sneak peeks to the plants I'm currently trying to hybridize and create. 

Fourthly, my music. I'm an electronic music producer, who dabbles and gets his feet wet in genres such as trance, house, progressive trance and house, ambient, and dark trance. By backing my Patreon, you'll receive free downloads of ALL of my music. Anytime I release an EP or track, its yours. <3

Fifthly, Everything else. Seriously. If I'm working on something, you all will get front row seats to it. Any avenue that I utilize creativity in will be shared with all of you. I will invite all of you to be my pen pal. We can talk about anything. Science, art, plants, DnD, maybe even mysteries of the universe. *maybe
I will also be sharing my experiences as a Dungeon Master, tips, and other things for the Tier 2 nerds out there.

Antyways, this is a compiled list of everything you'll get by backing my Patreon for 5 bucks a month. 
$1,000 – reached! per month
I'm planning on upgrading my lab/ studio to a nicer more efficient set up. I plan on teaming up with a science store here in Tulsa and its gonna be NUTS. This of course is bumping up my monthly cost but OH it'll be worth it. If my Patreon could somehow cover that in the future, then holy ****!

If my Patreon can cover my lab/ studio, I plan on doing live science demonstrations, art lessons and even launching a DnD podcast. All of you would of course be invited to participate in demonstrations, lessons, you name it. 
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