Sebastian Schürmanns

is creating a Flat File CMS for authors

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Typemill is a user-friendly and lightweight open source CMS for publishing text-works like prosa, lyrics, manuals, documentations, stories or studies. The CMS is created for a non-technical audience and has a clear focus on the authoring experience. You can create and order pages directly within the interactive navigation and write content with an unique visual block-editor for markdown.

I started with the development of Typemill in January 2017. Today the development takes about 15 - 20 hours per week. Every 15 - 30 days I publish a new release.

My goal is to create a small but fully featured cms in the first step. In the second step I want to create a content publishing and monitization system (CPMS) that helps single authors and small publishers. This is a huge tasks and will probably not start before 2020.
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