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You can choose to have either or all, you can tell me personally what you want and will either mention it in videos or do a whole video about it, and have a chance to be part of the crew if you choose to do so! 
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Hey guys! It's Typical Minority! I'm so glad you decided to check out my patreon page! It's been a thrilling adventure so far, even if we've only had you, it's been enough knowing the fact I have such loyal people on my side! I'm here to help you, create music you can laugh, cry, or just get your emotions out with, silly videos that make you cringe or laugh, but here you can help improve that. Help me create better content, better quality to enjoy better, and to help motivate me to improve one step at a time. Become included and showed in my videos, help me make cool merch so i can send it to your door! Most importantly help me make the community that we know and love strive! 
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first dollar of profit. You're my favorite person now. 
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