is creating Hyperrealistic Oil Paintings

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Hey, I am Ubajihand.

Ubajaka, Chijioke.

I create hyperrealistic Oil paintings.

I've always been drawing on paper as far as I can remember.

Possibly, since I was 7 years old.

Started Oil Painting since 2018.

Always loved Drawing and Painting. They have been my creative outlet.



And now, giving value to my fans who are lovingly connected to my works.

Rewards like high resolution images, behind-the-scenes photos, full in-depth written tutorials, Personalized Skype video consultations.
Your contributions made here will give you access to these special rewards and will pay for the continued creation of my works.

For renting an art studio, buying art materials, rent, bills, food.

So, that I'll have the free mental space to FOCUS on my work.

With your support, we will create MAGIC!

Pledging will grant instant access to the complete archive of digital rewards.

Please consider joining as a patron so that you can join me on this special journey. Please note, I will most likely only release one to two patron supported art works/month. You can set your monthly max so you never go over your monthly budget! For your support, we are offering some pretty neat rewards below:
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I'll send an unreleased art work, never before seen to my patrons only.
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