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MOTIVATION (by Tony Israel, UFOSP Founder)
After the successful holding of the 2nd Philippine UFO conference in 2011, the UFO Society of the Philippines (UFOSP) went physically inactive – no regular meetings or meet-ups. Neither was there any annual conference nor membership dues collected since that time. For five consecutive years, UFOSP has thrived without funding and Facebook became its only means of connecting. 

Although it was able to sustain online presence through user-generated contents, much of the items found on both its Fan and Group pages were reposts originating from UFO sites abroad. Over time, local content slowly became scarce, including those purported local sightings which, on past occasions, have moved the group to conduct verification interviews. Onsite investigations were a good source of original experiential documentation that the UFOSP could provide with some esteem and integrity.

Apparently, the public has come to miss those UFO-related news it used to dispatch from its desks. Sadly, UFOSP can’t recount stories that occurred within the last five years anymore, unless those who got involved would come forward and offer us their narratives. Regrettably, as its founder, I had my share of the guilt for relaxing too much. The main reason for my shortcomings though, was purely economic. My former co-officers and closest friends can attest to that fact.

Gladly, there are two newly developed platforms that could be employed to correct former outcomes and reconnect with the people. These are: FB Live (for promoting community engagement by doing live interactive talk shows) and Patreon (for raising funds towards organizational sustainability and continued programming). With these, I could see some hope in resolving the economic side of things that will consequently lead to the creation of a meaningful and sustainable (inter)activity via FB Live.

The requirement for this weekday show isn't just about talking while holding a smartphone at arm’s length. Acquiring the right equipment, software and others tools is needed. The show format itself requires good quality programming in terms of sound, video, lighting outputs, video-source integration and a modest studio setup. Behind these needs, however, we’re starting from scratch and that makes this task doubly challenging because some capital investment (scalable from $1,500 to $2,500) is somewhat involved.

(Keep the flame alive)
Goods acquisition is only the beginning. Sustainability is everything. We need a steady source of fuel to keep our passion burning as we strive to deliver relevant news on UFOs and other bizarre stuff. The one hour talk show is in Pilipino catered to Filipinos anywhere reachable by FB Live, Monday to Friday.

Please find on the right column how you can bring this project to fruition. Incentives/perks are offered. Corporate sponsorship is welcome. Ad placements are accepted. Thank you.

Founder - UFO Society of the Philippines

$0 of $999 per month
For the purchase of equipment [desktop, video capture. streaming devices, bandwidth/data, etc.] and tools for a decent-quality broadcast on FB Live. Among which: PTZ camera, V-Mix, professional microphones, ICON audio interface, tripod, stabilizer, tripod mount, portable lighting and studio furniture.
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