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We will do a Menu called "Contributors " Inside the APP , so the patreons and people supporting us, will be appears in that section  with img icon they want, Example:

"PETS (Server 5)"




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UG KOF 98 UM OL (Android APP)

Hello guys,
First of all thanks for all the people supporting us, with good reviews for the APP, its almost 5 starts on the playstore, we are continuously updating the APP since day 1, the team grow up , and we are currently 6 people working in the APP right now, we are receiving emails for tone of people wants the APP for IOS, but we don't have the resources, its Expensive because we don't have a mac to create the APP, so if anyone want to contribute this cause please give us some support. We are Currently paying a server for the database , so you can get instant Fix if there are some error in a character description or something misspelling , the ADS are generating a little bit money but it's not enough to start buying the tools to make it for IOS. Im Peter Leyva and im a Software Engineer currently working at Gameloft (Mobile Game Company) i have 6 years here, but i cant use company's resources for personal projects , this are some games that i was working on:

  1. Minion Rush (Android)
  2. Spiderman Unlimited (Android)
  3. Batman The dark Knight Rises(Playbook)
  4. Six Guns (Playbook)
  5. Asphalt Nitro (Android)
  6. GT Racing 2 (IOS)
  7. Sonic Adventure (Android)
  8. Green Farm (Android)
I will make a section in the menu called "Contributors" so anyone supporting us or became a petron will be in there like "NAME (SERVER #)" example. "PETS (SERVER 5)". Thanks guys.

$0 of $700 per month
It's for a macbook laptop, to start develop the APP for IOS and the license account, because its around 100 dlls per Year. We will do a Weekly update about the progress in IOS.
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