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I think of myself as a song writer mostly. My content is unique, I hope, because it is Christian themed without being what you would think of as worship music. I like to think of what I do as campfire music. I was a camp volunteer for years and it was a profound experience. I can't imagine camping (in nature or at Starbucks) without my ukulele.

And I am the creator of Ukulele Adam, a cartoon about the world's first ukulele player!

UKE3 is my effort to put something back into the ukulele community. The 3 in UKE3 stands for Live (enjoying playing), Love (my enthusiasm) and Share (helping others experience the ukulele).

In addition to writing, teaching and playing, I need student ukuleles to help new players get started. I would like to give away more student ukuleles each month than what I can afford. Getting student groups started can be challenging if I don't have a dozen ukes ready to go.

In addition to the humorous and instructional content I provide, I'd like to share stories of people learning to play in a way that helps other people increase their abilities.
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My current goal is to give away one student ukulele each month with my own money, but I have more kids who need ukuleles than I can afford. I charge very little or nothing for lessons, so I don't have a lot of extra money for ukuleles. I can get a discount if I order 10 ukuleles each month, and that would give me a chance to get 10 people together for a beginner lesson too. As the students upgrade to better ukuleles, I ask them to repurpose their ukulele to a new student. Its a beautiful thing. I'd like to post videos of the students on Facebook too, I think watching how other people learn is as important as seeing how a skilled player plays a song. $300 a month buys 10 student ukuleles.
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