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Vitaemo! (Ukrainian for Welcome!)

Quick Intro. Thank you for checking this out. My name is Emil Brandafi. I have had over a decade of experience in video production. During this time, I have been a part of many projects in various capacities. Last year, a new project came to mind. It is one that is near to my heart. Ukraine has been the center of much of the activity in Eastern Europe. So, simply put, the thought was to share what is Ukraine. As of this writing, I have produced 6 episodes. The very first episode won a Telly Award. The name of the project is The Ukrainian Pulse.

The Ukrainian Pulse
is about sharing Ukrainian Arts, Entertainment, Culture and Events with the Ukrainian Diaspora, their descendants and with Americans. Although, each episode may vary in format the way a variety show may, The Ukrainian Pulse will present information on Ukraine to help raise awareness of the country and it's people.

The Beating Heart is more than the mechanics of production. It is about the people and stories. However, delivering these people and their stories to your screen does take resources. At present, our staff numbers 1. Yes, one. Funding will help to expand personnel, equipment and the development of a set. Improvements in these three points will help to locate people and stories, increase production quality and have a regular schedule in publishing episodes of The Ukrainian Pulse.

Feel the Beat. Whether it makes you smile, laugh or cry, The Ukrainian Pulse will do it's best to reach out and touch you with entertaining and informative stories related to Ukraine or it's peoples.

The Starting Line. Using Patreon is a new experience and, honestly, I'm not sure what to expect. As with anything new, there is a learning curve. Using Patreon is no different. We'll develop a rewards program to thank our patrons. After all, without you, we would be stalled out with little hope of taking The Ukrainian Pulse to the next level. Sincere thanks.
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At the moment, I am essentially a "one man band". It is difficult to juggle multiple roles and maintain a level of quality. Your support can help me to the next level. With your help, I can add new personnel. Funds may also be used for equipment purchases should a need arise. Further, any remaining funds would go toward the development and construction of a set. Last year, my target to produce one episode every 45 days was attainable. However, working a full time job and having a family did push a few episodes past that goal. Having qualified people in critical roles will help to refine and tune the entire process. 
Thank you for taking the time to read about my project.
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